What is a Patent?

  • A Patent is an Asset
  • A Patent is a Marketing Tool
  • A Patent can be used to obtain Licensing Income
  • A Patent can be used to protect Market Share

A Patent gives a benefit to an inventor and a benefit to the public:

  • 20 Year Monopoly From Filing Date For The Inventor
  • Once issued and subject to the payment of government fees, a patent gives an inventor the right to exclude others from making, using or selling the patented invention for 20 years from the filing date

What is Patentable?

To be patentable an invention must fall within at least one of the following categories:

  • an article of manufacture (like a screwdriver)
  • a machine (like a crane)
  • a process (like a method to determine if oil is in a reservoir)
  • a composition of matter (like an arthritis cream to place on your skin)
  • an improvement to any of the above
  • an ornamental design for an article of manufacture (like a grating for an air-conditioning register)

Paradigm’s Flat Rate Patent Services

Paradigm offers a Flat Rate Patent Service for the Patent Search and Utility Patent Prosecution.  The USPTO fees are passed on directly to the client.  If the invention cannot be patented after receiving the results of the Patent Search, then no additional fees will be due.

The Patent Service includes:

  • Patent Search
  • Provisional Patent
  • Utility Patent Preparation and Filing
  • All Office Actions

Why Use Paradigm?

Paradigm offers the experience, expertise and efficiency that are not available from our competitors. Paradigm delivers what other firms merely promise: an on-going personalized support and custom tailored process for all of its services. Paradigm’s staff is recruited for their professional qualifications and technical knowledge with particular emphasis on their skills toward solving every client’s unique problems.

Our staff analyzes the client’s existing information, logical processes and designs and then applies the best solutions to eliminate unnecessary complexities and redundancies. Paradigm strives towards making the Patent process as effortless as possible. The result is a streamlined, logical system that incorporates the unique needs and goals of each client.

It’s our approach that allows us to offer an affordable Flat Rate Patent Service so our clients can patent all their inventions that should be patented to protect their valuable assets.

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