NY Youth Works Program


NY Youth Works Program

Could Your Enterprise Use Up To $4,000 In Cash For Each Qualified Employee That You Hire?

On December 9th, 2011, Governor Cuomo signed the NY Youth Works Program into law to encourage businesses to hire unemployed disadvantaged youth of New York.  The program was designed to support job training and employment for eligible youth ages 16-24 who live in specified areas of New York State.

There are $25 MILLION DOLLARS in REFUNDABLE State Tax Credits under this program.  Even if your enterprise is not paying any state taxes, you can receive a significant CASH REFUND from this program.

The NY Youth Works Program was extended so that eligible youth may now start work on or before December 31, 2012. Previously, in order to qualify, the eligible youth had to start work before July 1, 2012.

However There Are New Rules To Certify Employees Under This Program

Paradigm Partners is now largely considered the innovator and leader in the Hiring Incentives Industry.  This special program requires our expertise and leadership to ensure that your organization maximizes this opportunity.

As of March 10th, 2012, Paradigm was the ONLY company who had submitted paperwork for the Youth Works Program to New York State, and all credits were generated!

No Risk

Paradigm Partners provides this service on a 100% contingency basis for 25% of the actual credits received.  There is no risk to your organization.

No additional workload

Paradigm’s Proprietary Process ensures that no additional workload is placed on your staff.  All we ask is that you give the employee 5 minutes to contact our 24 X 7 Bi-lingual Call Center.

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