NY Youth Works Program Extended

NY Youth Works Program Extended

May, 2012

NY Youth Works Program Extended

Paradigm Partners Reaches Out to Eligible New York Businesses to Help the NY Youth Works Program Succeed

The NY Youth Works Program was extended so that eligible youth may now start work on or before December 31, 2012. Previously, in order to qualify, the eligible youth had to start work before July 1, 2012.

Karim Solanji, a Director at Paradigm Partners, said “The extension of the start work date will allow many more businesses to take advantage of the program. The initial deadline of July 1 was fast approaching thus making it difficult for some companies to get everything in place in time for the deadline. After all, the goal is find employment for disadvantaged youth and the extension will help fulfill that goal.”

Paradigm Partners has been very assertive in contacting businesses in the specified areas to see if they are in a position to hire eligible youth.

“Paradigm Partners has successfully secured $7 Million of the $25 Million available from the program thus far. The extension allows Paradigm to broaden our search of companies in those areas outlined in the New York Youth Works program. I feel confident that we will continue to add businesses as clients that will hire eligible employees and help Governor Cuomo’s program succeed.” relayed Brian Cameron, EVP of Business Development with Paradigm.

Contact Karim Solanji at 281-558-7100 x-109 or via email KSolanji@ParadigmLP.com to learn more about how we can help you benefit from the NY Youth Works Program.